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Fujitsu "Technology Specialist" Partner of the year 2014

Welcome to Pasolfora - iD Concept Group
the Automation and Performance Specialists

Primary point of information

cutting and saving costs (and especially step costs) for database operations, licensing and hardware

automation of typical IT operations (changes, life cycle management, deploy, migrations)

activating your ITIL assets for automation of design, build and delivery processes

Oracle and SAP on Oracle Minimum Downtime Migrations and Replication Services

Primary point of information

database appliances based on scale out storage combined with in memory operations (millions of IOPS and hundreds of gigabytes per second at the price point of x86 technology)

ORACLE RAC and EXADATA as well as SAP and HANA performance tuning

Solaris, AIX and Linux scale out and high availability solutions (our technology experts have written the definitive books on these subjects)

producing enterprise level IT services at the price point of consumer cloud services

Accelerate your Business

We are able to provide major benefits to your business services and processes

We cut your costs (hardware, licensing, support and administration) and at the same time we improve service attributes (quality and implementation window) by efficient provisioning and policy-based automation and help you gain business and sales momentum.

Academic Cooperation

Our academic approach and many cooperations in the non-commercial, scientific and academic sector have been rewarded.

HiPAS has been approved and published by the "International Journal on Advances in Software" in the context of "Development and Evaluation of Self-Adaptive Software for Database Migrations".

Business Cases

see how customers benefit from our solutions and services

SAP System Migration with HiPAS

We are able to migrate SAP Systems without significant downtime. Data is copied in the background and changes are captured while the primary system ist still online. At your fingertip (and after your testing and approval) roles are changed and the destination system becomes the new production site.

System Migration

PDA - Pasolfora Database Appliance

We provide a fully automated solution for Linux and Oracle RAC deploy and upgrade processes (even major release upgrades). We even have loadtesting capabilities to detect significant workload anomalies before and after changes compared to a given baseline.

Available as Hardware Bundle and Software only.


HiPAS Replication

While Oracle started to position their replication capabilities based on additional licensing even for enterprise edition environments, we offer enterprise replication at a price point of consumer cloud services. Your information will be propagated in parallel based on triggers or log stream capture. And we provide automatic restart and recovery and graphical management of these processes.

System Migration

Pampering Oracle Standard Edition

Sometimes you need to license enterprise edition and additional EE options as a prerequisite for your application to work properly. This ist especially true for environments that demand partitioning, vault, parallel operations, data warehousing or big data analytics.

But often you can waive enterprise options and licensing and run multi TB application and database on standard edition (SE1 / SE2).

For these enviroments we provide alternative solutions for missing enterprise functionalities and help you compensate for Data Guard, Enterprise Manager Performance Management Packs, parallel and incremental backup and recovery.

We deliver faster single thread performance and therefore compensate for parallelization.


Process Automation

ITIL provides data sources and sinks to improve service quality. We add specific information to not only automate service transition and operation but also service strategy and design. Information regarding building blocks and their attributes and dependencies, interface descriptions and complete service blueprints together will be provided for planing tools and applications.

This allows you to have all this information available right at your fingertip (i.e. multitouch tables and interactive smartboards) to make your service planing and design sessions more effective. Results of these sessions will automatically be transformed as new service blueprints into your CMDB, deliverd on request by your workflow engine and is ready to get validated. This provides planning and implementation of new services without manual interactions or dependencies (i.e. availability of staff like it administrators or developers).

System Migration

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Fujitsu "Technology Specialist" Partner of the year 2014